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People have many reasons. Some write to make money, others because they believe they have something to share and yet another person may choose to write to capture their experiences in printed matter; something that is eternal. So be it money, ego or altruism, at the end of the day the quality of the written word is what will stand on its own. For me, I guess it is a bit of altruism and ego. The intention of any proceeds from the sale of these books is to donate to my two favorite charities.

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  • For me, cooking started as a necessity in 1986. Having left home to continue my studies, I found the food at university terribly bland and restaurants were not in the budget. Being busy during the day left me with no options, but at night I started reminiscing and experimenting over the dishes that my mother used to make.

    Being your typical engineer I did a lot of research into cooking, bought a lot of books, watched a lot of shows and used the Internet (note at that time it was not a good pickup strategy to say one cooked). Most recipes required an extensive list of ingredients and utensils, which as a student living a few thousand kilometers from home were not available.

    However, I did notice a pattern from the books I read and TV programs I watched, and that is that most dishes can be segmented into basic ingredients and supplemental or optional ingredients. I found that the basic dish was really easy to make, better tasting and an order of magnitude over what I was eating.

    You’ll find most of the recipes captured have a recipe for the basic dish, which is great, and the additional ingredients would make it even better. I am not saying that you can have a roast in 5 minutes, I am saying it is easy to make a great roast with a bit of time management and an understanding of how one would substitute ingredients goes a long way. In this cookbook I capture a few of my favorite recipes from around the world.
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