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Weeding Out The Wankers

As one of the global telecommunications industry's most colorful and respected executives, Ibrahim Gedeon has carved out an international career by combining insight and skill as an applied scientist with a lighthearted and throughly non-conventional approach to leadership. As Chief Technology Officer for Telus, a leading national telecommunications company in Canada, his energy and engaging manner as a speaker and presenter are legendary within industry circles.

Ibrahim reveals his experiences, observations, and leadership strategies in a casual and sometimes irreverent manner. He believes in his heart that leadership is a privilege and that giving back to others is an integral part of being a succesful and valued leader.

Whether you're a manager trying to engage and motivate your people, or an employee or student searching for fullfillment in your work, Weeding out the wankers will provide you with some insights and life strategies from a technology leader's perspective.


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